Weblings 2.1 PP

Weblings 2.1 Screenshot in Firefox

On the 24th March I finally wrapped up and shipped Weblings 2.1 for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. As with previous releases, there’s a bunch of awesome new Weblings to look out for, some additional colours and a few, quite frankly, terrible puns.

What makes this particularly newsworthy is that it’s now supportive of Firefox Account Sync in addition to Google Chrome Sync. So long as you’re logged into the account for your browser of choice, all preferences for Weblings will stay synchronised.

I’ve also open sourced Weblings on GitHub, so if you wish to contribute to the project I’ll welcome your suggestions and pull requests with open arms.

Weblings is available for free, downloadable via the Chrome Web Store and Firefox Add-ons. If you haven’t tried my little new tab extension before, please give it a go.

05 April, 2019