The Survival Game PP

Book cover for The Survival Game by Nicky Singer.

Whilst The Survival Game is pitched as a Young Adult book, the story is certainly enjoyable for adults too, as I found out after spending a few days with Nicky Singer’s latest work. The main character Mhairi is on a multi-thousand kilometre trek back to Scotland, but this isn’t 2018. Mhairi is in our future, a dystopian future, where over population has driven cities to erect borders and strict checks for everyone.

Right from the beginning Mhairi stumbles across a young boy, who we later know as ‘Mo’. He doesn’t utter a single word but through Singer’s expert hand we still get to know him well. This is a tale of two young people, utterly determined to reach their endgame, but with all the dangers that both Mother Nature and mankind have in store.

Whilst I won’t spoil the ending here, the final chapters were somewhat of a surprise but I do wish Singer had taken it further before drawing the book to a close. Also, the references to a place called CASTLE comes earl on but it’s not clear as to what this actually is. (My guess is it’s part of Mhairi’s mind where she tries to block out bad memories).

All in all, The Survival Game is a great read and certainly worth a look when it comes out on July 26th later this year.

Thank you to NetGalley and Hachette for the free early access copy.

14 July, 2018