The Pinball Arcade is losing many of its tables → PP

Pinball Arcade is one of the most enjoyable ways to experience pinball, short of having a physical table in front of me. Sadly, many of the official Bally/Midway titles are not long for this world so now is an excellent time to stock up on favourites before the plug is pulled on the 30th June.

I’m really sorry to see this happen. The number of hours I’ve put into the original Doctor Who title alone… I’ve truly lost count, it was that faithful to the original.  I wonder how the software’s future will fare with so many tables having to go away. Perhaps the developer will take the route of devising their own tables to which they own and can market forever?

In short, if you’re a pinball nut then go and check out the library whilst you still can.

14 May, 2018