The future of Mobike is bleak PP

Mobike. A company who’ve put hundreds of push bikes around large cities so you and I can ride around cleanly and burn some calories in the process. Pick a bike up and drop it off wherever you like. What could go wrong?

The Guardian:

Manchester could be the first world city abandoned by bike-sharing behemoth Mobike on the grounds of persistent vandalism and theft.

[…]Every month this summer 10% of Mobike’s Manchester fleet went missing or was vandalised, according to Steve Milton, Mobike’s global communications and marketing leader.

Damn, that’s unfortunate. Still, one city having problems isn’t necessarily indicative of-

Evening Chronicle:

Mobike is reportedly considering whether to continue operating in Newcastle and Gateshead. The bike-sharing firm is said to be assessing its position following continued problems with vandalism.

In Newcastle, bikes have been spotted impaled on fences or dumped in streams, with some even being dredged up by boats from the bottom of the river Tyne.

You see, this is why we can’t have nice things.

This whole situation pisses me right off. A small number of people are damaging, stealing and vandalising these bikes, which could close the service to everyone else. I’m not currently a Mobike member, but I would be if my house was within the catchment area. (I’m so close). Looks like I might not have a chance if this continues.

30 August, 2018