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There’s a few Apple Shortcut sharing sites popping up online and this is one of the better ones. If you’re wondering how powerful Shortcuts is or are looking for some inspiration then give Sharecuts a visit.

26 January, 2019

Microsoft Office 365 is now available on the Mac App Store PP

Following through on a promise made at WWDC last year, Microsoft has unveiled their Office 365 suite of applications on the Mac App Store. From what I can tell, this is the first bundle of apps on the Mac side, though you can seemingly download the individual programs you need. (This gives a small advantage over Windows’ mandatory Click to Run method, that provides everything whether you want it or not).

Up until now, Office 365 had to be downloaded directly from Microsoft; with the exception of OneNote which has been on the store for some time. You will need an active Office 365 subscription though as these are not standalone purchases. A trial is available for new customers via In-App Purchase nabbing you a 30 day test drive.

Most recently Microsoft added a dark mode and support for Continuity Camera to the Mac variant, fitting in nicely with macOS Mojave’s new feature set. You can read the press releases from both Apple and Microsoft on their respective websites.

26 January, 2019

DuckDuckGo switch to Apple’s Maps PP

Make no mistake. DuckDuckGo’s reason for making this switch is around their stance on privacy, but Apple certainly benefits from additional exposure of their maps platform. I’m really pleased to see this coming together of two privacy focused companies, especially with DuckDuckGo being my search engine of choice.

25 January, 2019

Shadow of the Tomb Raider – The Nightmare PP

Learn the secret Uchu has told no one else! In order to obtain a powerful and mysterious weapon, Lara Croft must face the music in a brand-new challenge tomb, battle foes who look like but are not like any she’s ever faced, and confront the deadliest enemy of all: herself.

Yesterday, Square Enix released the third DLC add-on for one of my favourite games of 2018. If you’re a lover of the franchise as I am then this is a no-brainer, with a fantastic throwback to Croft Manor where Lara has to face her own demons…

To an extent, as this is sadly a little too short on the ‘nightmare’ theme. The darker stuff was just starting to get interesting when I was dropped back out and into the feature Challenge Tomb. The tomb itself was a fantastic puzzle. Certainly one of the more enjoyable with a good balance of difficulty and intrigue. I attempted the Solo Time Attack as soon as the side mission was complete, and I narrowly missed out on the Silver by sixteen seconds on my second attempt. I’ll be going back to get that medallion I promise you.

Along with the side mission and Challenge Tomb, The Nightmare also comes with a new skill, attire and a variant on Lara’s trusty axe. The Xbox version, which I played through, also has five achievements adding an additional 95 Gamerscore if you get them all. It’s available for download now priced at £3.99 and is included with the Season Pass if you’ve already obtained that.

23 January, 2019

Apple has launched iPhone XS, XS Max and XR battery cases PP

I really want one of these in principal but the £129 asking price is just too high. (The direct Dollar to pound sterling conversion stings a bit too.) Still, as a product they’re going to take some beating in terms of their quality, and integration to the iOS platform. The lock screen for example will show the amount of battery left along with the device’s built in battery. This isn’t possible with third party battery cases.

They’ll also work with Qi-certified chargers, if that’s how you roll. Here’s where you can buy one online if you’re interested:

21 January, 2019