One Way to Improve Usability in Error Messages → PP

We live in a time where software is so ubiquitous and users see so much window chrome, many end up training themselves to ignore what they deem Superfluous. If you’re in the middle of something and a message box pops up for the first time, you might pay attention. The fourteenth time though? Ugh, just get rid of it.

The rarer a bug the less likely a customer is to see, or end up caring, about it. But what I love about these suggestions is it’s likely to trigger that, “What the hell?” response in people. Getting that crucial information back to development teams.

As with most things it’s be a fine line to tread. If all of my applications started telling me the watermelon’s need watering or there’s a washing machine on my roof, I’d go back to ignoring the damn chrome.

05 April, 2018