Killer T PP

Killer T by Robert Muchamore

Killer T is the first novel I’ve read by Robert Muchamore, but after finishing his latest piece I will need to read another before making my mind up about how much I like him as a writer. Set in the not too distant future, the story closely follows Harry and Charlie and their interleaving lives following a bomb explosion in high school. Muchamore uses an interesting narrative structure of breaking up segments of their story across multiple parts; each part separated by years of their time together. Whilst this lets us, the readers, see into much more of their lives it did leave me wondering what happened during the gaps in-between. It’s a lot going on, this happened every time I turned the page and was dropped into a new part.

The tale starts slowly but picks up speed by the middle of part two. It’s a shame, because not a lot happens at the beginning but we’re juggling different viruses, infections, threats, situations and lots of character deaths throughout the rest of the story. If the pace had been as quick from the start, more time could have been spent in the middle, going into some of the characters backstories and perhaps exploring some of the untold. Too quickly I come across someone, only to find them never spoken of again or they’re killed off.

Writing this review, I find myself torn. On the one hand, I did enjoy the novel and the ending was a joy. It’s the pacing of the story and the handling of its supporting characters that let it down for me. If you enjoy distopian novels then you should give Killer T a go but I reckon some might find it a tad frustrating.

22 July, 2018