Home Assistant 0.86 is here, with Lovelace PP

With this week’s release of Home Assistant, the new and vastly improved ‘Lovelace’ user interface has become the de-facto standard for new deployments. It’s a huge improvement over what came before it, though support hasn’t gone away just yet.

New users to the platform will find it easier to get onboard too, as views and cards can be managed visually rather than directly in YAML. (It’s still possible to override and script via a YAML file, which I’m doing). As always, the update comes with a smattering of bug fixes and new integrations too. Check out the official blog post for the juicy details.

You can check out the Home Assistant demo if you’d like to get a taste for the new interface, or to learn about Home Assistant. Congratulations to everyone involved in making this release what it is.

01 February, 2019