GitHub is now offering unlimited private Repos for free PP

I’m only beginning to take my first tentative steps with Git, but the recent announcement on The GitHub Blog by Nat Friedman has brought a smile to my face. Up until now, free accounts could only create public repositories, not private ones, thus opening up all of your committed files to the world. I really don’t want to have my learning of Git exposed to the public internet, with my mistakes on show…

On a more serious note I think it’s a smart move by Microsoft, who recently acquired GitHub. As anyone can now create private repositories, more developers and hobbyists are likely to drop their projects and work into the service. With up to three collaborators being allowed in each free tier private repository, small teams can get started and only break out the credit card when they reach a bigger size. It feels similar to the Microsoft Teams model, getting you hooked early on.

09 January, 2019