ElementaryOS – Juno Beta 2 PP

ElementaryOS Juno Beta blueprint

It’s that time again: another beta release! Before we get too far, I want to remind you why we do beta releases: they’re a special release intended for our 3rd party developers and highly technical users. Developers need a pre-release in order to test and take advantage of new platform features and to publish their apps so that we don’t release with an empty store. We also invite highly technical users to test Beta in non-production environments to find major regressions and show-stopping issues.

Since Beta1, we’ve fixed over 200 issues and gotten back up to over 50 apps in AppCenter built specifically for Juno.

ElementaryOS is quickly growing on me as a cracking Linux district that’s worth watching closely. The team have a keen eye on usability and a great UX, whilst making great use of its Ubuntu underpinnings. Believe it or not, their development team don’t want me telling you that this beta is available as they’re worried the reporting of bugs and other unfinished gubbins will tarnish their eventual release.

The thing is, so long as you know what you’re letting yourself in for by trying Juno beta 2, then I say check it out and see what Elementary has in store.

23 September, 2018