Clean install macOS Mojave with macOS Recovery PP

TL;DR. Go here.

Yesterday was a big day for macOS, as Mojave reached general availability after a whopping eleven beta releases. If you’re like me then you’ll be doing a clean installation rather than an in place upgrade. (Whilst macOS doesn’t suffer the same kind of slowdown over time that Windows does, I like starting over with a clean slate from time to time).

I’ve been running the Mojave betas and noticed a subtle change in behaviour from that of older OS upgrades. When I went to get the golden master from the Mac App Store it threw me into System Preferences and began the download there. No standalone app-like installer this time, so I couldn’t create my usual USB install stick.

If you’re in a similar predicament then never fear. So long as your Mac officially supports macOS Mojave you can cold boot into Internet Recovery mode. There are a few options but go with Option-⌘-R, as this will provide the latest OS to you. I opened Disk Utility and wiped my APFS SSD first so that it had to carry out a bare bones installation.

Nice and easy. All things considered it didn’t take too long and I do see a slight improvement in the boot time of my Mac. Some additional space has been reclaimed on the SSD and I get that warm fuzzy feeling that only a fresh installation provides. (Yes, I know I’m strange).

25 September, 2018