Chrome 69’s changed behaviour with Flash PP


If you’ve recently updated Google Chrome to version 69 and wondered why your Flash preferences were being ignored, it’s because of a changed default behaviour. Up until now you could whitelist URL’s within the settings which would persist through restarts and Chrome updates. As of version 69 this has changed. The whitelist has been purged and anything you add back to it will be removed when you restart the browser.

Disable the new Flash preference in Chrome 69

I wish that my dependency on Adobe’s deprecated Flash was a huge fat zero, but I need VMware’s vSphere Web Client that uses – you guessed it – Flash. Having to keep whitelisting the website is going to be a real thorn in my side, so I’m pleased to say the behaviour can be reversed for now. If you still have something you need to access that uses Flash. Go to chrome://flags and disable the Enable Ephemeral Flash Permissions option.

07 September, 2018