Chrome 68 flagging non HTTPS sites more vividly PP

Starting with Google Chrome 68, the browser will be flagging up every HTTP website you visit as Not Secure. This is an excellent move and one I hope other browser developers will add to their software in the near future, as in the industry makes forward strides towards the encryption of the open internet. I think letting end users know the site their visiting isn’t secure will be a positive experience as a whole, as it’s bringing to light the sites and services they’re visiting to be entirely unencrypted and visible. (Think Man in the Middle attacks for one). You’re a whole lot less likely to enter personal information about yourself if there’s a Not Secure banner visible.

Here’s an example of what my personal website looks like in Chrome 68:

Chrome 68 - Not Secure

When you switch to HTTPS over SSL, here’s the visual change:

Chrome 68 - Secure

If you have your own website and it’s not yet running with an SSL certificate, the barrier to entry is very low nowadays. Most commonly, the cost of getting and renewing a certificate is all but gone, thanks to Let’s Encrypt.

Your web host should be able to assist in the loading of certificates, but if not I recommend you look for an alternative provider. In 2018, a web host who cannot – or won’t – help is not worth paying for.

27 July, 2018