Apple is rolling out public TestFlight invitation links PP

Benjamin Mayo for 9To5 Mac:

Apple is rolling out a new TestFlight feature which enables developers to share a public URL for an app beta. Customers can simply open the link on their iPhone or iPad and automatically enroll into the beta testing group through the TestFlight app.

What’s most interesting about this to me is how anyone registering to test via one of these links does so¬†anonymously with the developer; unless you submit feedback, whereby your email address is disclosed. This fits in perfectly with Apple’s privacy mantra of wanting to know as little about you as possible, but I’m on the fence with this one.

On the one hand, if a developer wants to stress test an application and doesn’t need to know who the people are that are running a TestFlight build then that’s great. If, however, you’re wanting to open up your testing group through social means and you find a genuine need to be able to identify those involved, then you must continue to enrol the traditional way. I suppose you could identify people if your app requires a user account, but that’s not going to fit everyone.

Public links can be enabled and disabled at any time, with a total of 10,000 testers per app permitted. Sadly there’s still no Mac platform support.

27 September, 2018