Amazon’s physical Dash buttons have been discontinued PP

According to CNET, and a quick look on by yours truly, it appears Amazon have discontinued their physical Dash buttons. I use a handful of these IoT devices within my home, acting as wireless smart buttons. (Courtesy of Dasshio, a plug-in for Home Assistant). They were cheap as chips, only £5 each, and could be programmed to control lights and switches. For this reason, I will miss the little buggers.

As a way to order items from Amazon though, I exhibit a mere shrug. Every Dash button I bought could only order products from a tiny selection; all of which were pretty expensive. There’s a single Dash button for Nescafe Azera coffee on my fridge but I’ve never used it beyond the set up process. Why? The button bought in bulk and whenever I did run out, it was cheaper to buy a single tin on the way home from work or I’d spot a deal on bulk buy in the supermarket. These would have had a much better uptake in the home if the re-order options were less dear.

07 March, 2019