Adobe is to bring Photoshop to the iPad PP

In this article from Bloomberg, Mark Gurman and Nico Grant talk about Adobe’s plan to bring their premier Photoshop product to Apple’s iPad on iOS. Adobe already have a SaaS model with desktop applications in their Creative Cloud, but this re-write is targeting the tablet specifically.

Here’s a quote from the article by Scott Belsky, Adobe’s Chief Product Officer of Creative Cloud:

“My aspiration is to get these on the market as soon as possible,” Belsky said in an interview. “There’s a lot required to take a product as sophisticated and powerful as Photoshop and make that work on a modern device like the iPad. We need to bring our products into this cloud-first collaborative era.”

Here’s how I interpret that. Adobe originally took the view that mobile devices like iPad’s weren’t needed by the vast majority of their customers, who’d rather use their desktop counterparts and perhaps some stripped down mobile apps. Products like Serif’s Affinity Designer has shown this to be absolutely wrong and they’re scared about losing their foothold in the mobile space.

30 July, 2018