Access to Linux Subsystem files is going to become easier with Windows 10 PP

Later this year Microsoft will release their next big update to Windows 10 and with it comes an interesting addition to the File Explorer. So long as you’re using a distro with WSL (Windows SubSystem for Linux), (Ubuntu for example), you’ll be able to browse and interact with the Linux filesystem right alongside your NTFS filesystem.

According to the blog post by Craig Loewen there will be a few methods available, so you can pick the one(s) that fit best into your workflow. A Linux option will be presented in the sidebar which I think will be the most convenient, but you can also type explorer.exe wherever you want within the distro itself and File Explorer will pop right up. You’ll also be able to use \\wsl$\[distro], replacing [distro] with the name of the running distribution.

I don’t currently use WSL all that much, partly because accessing files isn’t the easiest. This upcoming change could turn that around for me.

01 March, 2019