“Your device is no longer supported” PP

Security updates.

No more updates means that the device in question is going to be forever vulnerable from now on. Whilst feature updates to an operating system might require more horsepower under the hood, or require newer hardware components, why should it be cut off from all updates? I’m not picking on Google with Chrome OS here by the way, but I’m using this one example to highlight the issue. Not everyone can afford to buy the latest thing on the market. Using something that’s two or three years old shouldn’t put you in a vulnerable position.

I wish that companies like Apple, Google and others would pledge to support operating systems for security updates for many years after their last full feature update. Microsoft do make a valiant effort in providing these kinds of updates for Windows, but with Windows 10 it’s becoming more heavy handed where only the last two main releases are eligible. If Windows 10 makes an uptick in requirements sometime in the future, users of those devices could find themselves in a similar place as Maximiliano here. I’m aware that Google have Android One, but it’s optional as I understand it.

13 August, 2018