Here's everything I've written throughout May 2018.


The Yellow Pages of Two Factor Authentication PP

If any website or online service supports Two Factor Authentication then you should really think about enabling it on your account. Two Factor Auth is a great place to see what’s out there, without having to dig into every single site’s Settings page, one by one.

28 May, 2018

1Password 7 for Mac is here → PP

Huge congratulations to the whole team over at AgileBits. I’ve been running the beta’s of 1Password 7 for a few weeks and seen it slowly grow into what’s been released today. 1Password 7 for Windows is due in a week’s time and I will have a review of the product on Pixelated Perspective soon.

23 May, 2018

Fluent Design improvements for 2018 → PP

It’s great to see Microsoft iterating on it’s Fluent Design on Windows 10. The Verge summarises the changes and improvements being made and how they’ll benefit developers and users going forward. One of the small details I’m most pleased about is the reduction of white spacing between UI elements. Fluent Design was clearly touch first at the beginning, but by permitting the user interface components to sit closer together allows for higher density applications. Fingers crossed we see some more adoption of Fluent over the coming months.

22 May, 2018

Two Point Hospital could be the Theme Hospital sequel we’ve been waiting for → PP

Tom Marks at IGN:

Two Point Hospital has a lot to live up to. It’s a spiritual successor to the 1997 classic Theme Hospital, being developed by many of the same folk that made the original. Thankfully, the charm and detail I saw all throughout the early demo I played made me more confident that Two Point Hospital could be the revival fans have been waiting decades for.

*Excitement intensifies*

21 May, 2018

Raspberry Pi 3B+ Specs and Benchmarks → PP

The Raspberry Pi just keeps getting better and better. The 3B+ is the latest member of the Pi family and boasts an improved SoC, Gigabit Ethernet (although hampered somewhat by the single USB channel), a new dual band radio module and it’s capable of Power over Ethernet to boot, with an optional PoE HAT module. All for the same price as its predecessor.

I have two Pi 3’s and they’re awesome. One runs Home Assistant and the other has the Pi Camera Module to run as a CCTV system. I won’t be upgrading them just yet as mine do the job already, but if you’re still rocking a Pi 2 – or even the original – then this looks to be well worth the low cost for an upgrade.

19 May, 2018

Twitter is about to make third party apps less appealing, with their API changes → PP

Over on MacStories, John Vorhees writes about the impending API changes that Twitter are going to make live in August. If you’re using a third party client then expect a delay in notifications and a potential loss of functionality; unless, of course, the developer of said app stumps up the cash for API access.

This won’t be cheap…

[…] it’s expensive. A subscription covering 100-250 users will cost $2899/month, which works out to over $11 per user for 250 users. Anyone with over 250 users, which would include all the major third-party Twitter clients, is advised to contact Twitter for enterprise pricing. However, the pricing on the API’s lower tiers doesn’t leave much room for optimism.

Third-party clients that can’t or don’t want to pay those prices will have to make do without timeline streaming and push notifications for likes and retweets. Other notifications will be delayed approximately 1-2 minutes according to statements by Haddad to TechCrunch.

In short, Twitter wants you to use their app for full functionality. I fully appreciate their need to make money but shooting developers in the leg like this is a dick move. After all, these platforms gain critical mass by third party developer innovation bringing people to the party. Ugh…

18 May, 2018 → PP

I’m no designer, but I appreciate good design. This is all does. It’s a curated list of websites that are wonderful to use, both visually and functionally. If you’re looking for inspiration, this is a great place to start.

18 May, 2018

iTunes rentals and the cost of a purchase → PP

I’d rent a whole lot more if this were the case.

Titles can retail for £15-20 each, so for this kind of money I’d be severely annoyed if the film I bought turned out to be a load of shit. Renting is a great way to weed through the rubbish and should definitely act as a down payment towards a full purchase; The studio’s would be getting the same amount at the end of the transaction anyway. Being asked to rent something for a few pounds and then have to stump up the full asking price puts me off and I’m sure Todd and I aren’t the only ones.

17 May, 2018